The letter below is a copy of what was distributed with the hard copy of the poll that was mailed to each property owner within the Hollin Hills Historic Overlay District Boundary. 




September 3, 2021


Dear Hollin Hills Neighbor,

I invite you to cast your vote regarding a potential Historic Overlay District (HOD) for the Hollin Hills neighborhood. Your vote constitutes the next step of community engagement for this multi-year, community-driven process.

This consideration process began in 2017, when residents of Hollin Hills brought to me a community petition in support of having the Fairfax County Department of Planning & Development analyze the feasibility of a potential Historic Overlay District. The 2017 petition showed that over 70% of the community was supportive of researching the possibility of establishing a Historic Overlay District. As a result, on July 31, 2018, the Board of Supervisors authorized staff to research and analyze the possible establishment of a Hollin Hills Historic Overlay District.

As part of these efforts, I convened a Hollin Hills HOD Work Group comprised of Hollin Hills homeowners to work with County staff, members of the Architectural Review Board (ARB), and design consultants to inform the research and analysis and develop a HOD package that had sufficient input and potential support from Hollin Hills community members.

After three years of rigorous analysis, we are nearing the end of this process. County staff and the Work Group have come up with a package for the proposed Historic Overlay District for Hollin Hills: a proposed HOD boundary, proposed Zoning Ordinance language and Comprehensive Plan Language, and draft design guidelines that would serve as guiding recommendations for the preservation of historical character.

It is now time for you to consider and vote whether a Hollin Hills Historic Overlay District should move forward or not for adoption. Before making your decision, I strongly encourage you to review all the materials enclosed in this survey website to fully understand what is being proposed and its impact on your home and property. Your vote matters.

Thank you for casting your vote and making your voice heard.


Respectfully yours in public service,



Dan Storck

Mount Vernon District Supervisor