County staff has postponed a formal proposal to discontinue vacuum leaf service after the 2023-2024 season. After conducting an online survey in August 2023 for the public to solicit input on the staff proposal, results revealed that most residents who receive the service wish to keep it. As a result, the proposal, which was submitted to the Board of Supervisors in September 2023 has been postponed. 


Staff will be reviewing alternatives to the current service model and will communicate updates as appropriate. 

Due to the postponement, Fairfax County will continue to vacuum leaves for the 5% of county residences, approximately 25,000 households, that currently receive the service. Residents who choose to do so can voluntarily withdraw from the service via the petition process

In lieu of leaf collection, residents may utilize alternative approaches:

  • Residents can hire a contractor to provide vacuum leaf service.

  • Residents can manage leaves onsite through mulching or backyard composting.

  • Residents can set out leaves as yard waste, a service included in existing residential trash collection service offerings. 


For additional updated information, please watch the below video. 

Leaf pile

Leaf collection crew at work